Predator Tagging

Turning the Tide

This revolutionary system combines the defensive features of security smoke with predatory DNA tagging technology that makes it easier to track down and arrest criminals as well as return stolen property to its rightful owners. The Predator DNA unit is small and can be adapted for use within the Sentinel and Guardian generators. The system is activated only when a verified signal is received, making it safe and simple to use.

The tagging technology is introduced into the spreading smoke plume and is transferred onto the skin and clothing of the intruder. This technology then allows the authorities to trace and identify the criminal and bring them to justice.

Predator DNA was originally developed for use with the Guardian units in order to provide unique protection for ATM maintenance crews. But its adaptability means it can be used just as effectively in conjunction with Sentinel units to protect businesses and homes. Predator DNA provides a further level of flexibility by being compatible with the market's major tagging products.

Our Predator DNA systems turn the hunter into the hunted, and allow its user to take a much-needed proactive stance against crime without any increased risk of personal danger.

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