Defender Range

Driving Away Danger

Defender runs on battery power, making it an ideal solution for cars, lorries and vans. Available in 12-volt and 24-volt versions, Defender taps into the vehicle’s battery power to provide non-stop security on the go.

The 12-volt unit uses a coiled, stainless steel heat exchanger that, when energised, produces sufficient screening smoke to obscure the interior of cars and small vans.

The 24-volt unit uses a machined steel heater block similar to those used in the Sentinel and Guardian models. The volume of smoke is much larger than that produced by the 12-volt model, making it the ideal unit to protect larger vans and lorries.

The 12-volt system is supplied as a modular kit or mounted on a simple plinth or in a plain steel case (the latter two options are popular with vehicle fabricators). The 24-volt system is mounted on a steel plinth.

The ‘off-mains’ feature of this range make it the ideal choice for motor vehicles, but Defenders are also often used in shipping containers, boats, yachts, remote buildings (such as cell phone masts) and parked aircraft, making this the most versatile vehicle defence unit on the market.

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