Smoke Applications

Defeat Fast-acting Thieves with Faster-acting Smoke

High street stores, small outlets and supermarkets are often victims of the ‘smash and grab’ theft. The average attack on a retail property is over in 3 minutes. Stay one step ahead with a Smoke Screen system.

  • Fast acting thieves are thwarted by faster acting smoke. Our smoke generators fill a room within seconds, forcing the intruder to retreat empty-handed.
  • Minimise or prevent loss of valuable stock.
  • No residue, guaranteed – you will be able to resume trading straight away, with no clean up required and no damage to your stock.

Smoke Screen can prevent successful raids on retail businesses by completely obscuring the premises, giving thieves no option but to flee without their swag.

We have a range of products to suit any sized premises, from high-street stores to small corner shops. The newest Smoke Screen generators are particularly suitable for retail outlets because of their discreet and stylish appearance.

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