Smoke Applications

Protecting the Chain

Handling large amounts of cash is always a risky business, so it makes sense to be protected.

  • Smoke Screens can protect every part of the cash-handing chain, processing centres to delivery at the financial institute.
  • Minimise or prevent losses from raids on cash storage units or transport.
  • We have over 35 years of experience in cash protection.

Large amounts of cash look like an all-you-can-eat buffet to opportunistic thieves who are often undeterred by traditional security methods, so it’s vital to go that extra mile in order to protect your business and your staff from theft and violence.

Our Smoke Screen products are an incredibly powerful deterrent that work effectively against raiders and thieves and are versatile enough to be used in every part of a cash-handling chain.

We protect cash-handling depots, CIT vehicles, ATM replenishment teams and banking halls.

These award-winning Smoke Screen systems have been successfully used to protect personnel and currency during cash delivery and collection, reducing company losses and personal injury.

We produce a range of permanent and portable devices that protect buildings and couriers alike, meaning you and your cash will always be protected no matter where you are.

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